Adult with Attention Deficit Disorder can be Cure

Attention Deficit Disorder is a brain behavior development disorder. Not only child can get Attention Deficit Disorder, adults also will be diagnosed with ADD. Adult with ADD change job frequently, have low income, have a higher chance to get into accident, and others. Adults ADD may starts at childhood time, but parent did not aware.

If you found you have the following problem, please seek for a ADD specialist to have a check/test.

  • Lack on manage task
  • Procrastinate.
  • When doing a task without passion, you feel hard to start or finish it.
  • Cannot focus on a task for long time.
  • Forgetfullness. Frequently forget your meeting or something you plan to do.


Diagnose your Attention Deficit Disorder

Find a specialist or doctor to diagnose your ADD level. Before you meet your specialist you have to prepare something. Ask your parent and a teacher who closed to you to accompany you to meet the specialist. Parent and teacher can help you to rewind back to the old life. Remember as detail as you can and tell the specialist about your history or something related to ADD. Your specialist will also give you some questionnaire, think twice before you answer the question. This could help the specialist to identify your symptoms. Specialist may also run some screening test.

Treatment cure for ADD adults

There is no cure for ADD. Many of treatment can help to reduce the symptoms. The most popular alternative treatment is the tole neuro acupuncture and herbal treatment. The Tole Neuro acupuncture can help your brain cell to regenerate again and flow the energy inside the brain. When the energy flow your brain cell will active and become normal.

The Tole Herbal Treatment for ADD adults can help to balance the energy inside the kidney. Chinese Master has an effective and special herbal formula for ADD adults. You can also request The Tole Brain Powder from Chinese Master. It is the same formula but some of the people may be feel lazy or no time to decoct the medicine, so Chinese Master gave an option to ADD patient.

The Tole Diet treatment also provided to ADD adults. ADD patient should avoid some food, so the symptoms can be reduce.  Diet can also shorted the result of treatment.


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